How to Reduce Post Card Printing Cost

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You may be very much aware with ways to make a brochure and post card printing, but is still interested on how you can trim down on the cost of these types of advertisements. Below is a list of some tips you may consider.

Size Element
You should pick the right size for your post cards. If you are on a limited budget then it is better to choose smaller post cards. You may work on the design and the font size and styles, but you will definitely save more because the cost of materials will be reduced. The standard post card size is four inches by six inches, but this can be reduced depending on your needs and preferences.

Standard Materials
Reducing the size is just one of the aspects to consider. You may also cut down on your costs if you will choose card materials that are not as thick as others use. You may choose thinner paper materials, especially if the post card is intended to be used promotions that have an expiration date like coupons and discounts; but if it is intended to be kept by clients, as future reference, then you may need to rethink if it is wise to trim down on your expenses. In any case, it is possible to lower your cost of post card printing to about 20% if you will choose thinner types of paper.

One Side Printing
Choose postcard service offering one side printing. This is more economical because you do not need to pay for double printing expense. Moreover, it is practical because printing on both sides of your card will make it less appealing, especially if you will make use of thinner paper as mentioned above. Your clients may even appreciate this because they can write important matters about the company at the back of your post card.

Avoid the Rush
Plan all your post card printing in advance. It is common for many companies to request for postcard service during the holidays, so make your requests months before these dates arrive. You will notice the cost of post card printing increase as the Holiday Season draws near; therefore, it is wiser to have it printed earlier. You may even be given a special discounted rate because of this initiative.

Standard Template
You may also consider choosing a standard template rather than a customized template. This will free your from graphic designs fee because the design is readily available online. You just need to choose any from their list and inform the postcard service company for it to be printed.

Contact List will always be part of any business deal. The world may go paperless, but contact list will remain integral to the success of any business. You need to have a file of all the individuals, the groups, the companies, and the organizations you are currently working with and you need a file of all potential clients you wish to gain in the future. This is of absolute necessity because without this list, you will be throwing punches in the air with the promotional strategies you are preparing.

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How to Reduce Post Card Printing Cost

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How to Reduce Post Card Printing Cost

This article was published on 2012/04/05